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Intentional Amputee's 911 Call

July 21, 2005

Albany-- On
July 6th at 9:15AM, the 911 center in Albany got a shocking call. Wendal Nason, Jr. needed an ambulance because he had just severed his right foot with a circular saw - intentionally. His conversation with the 911 dispatcher reveals why he did it.

911: Which foot did you cut?

Nason: The right foot. Cut it clean off.

911: Oh, Jesus. How did you do it?

Nason: With a Skil saw.

With an ambulance speeding to rescue Wendal Nason, the 911 dispatcher kept him on the phone.

911: Okay, where's the other part of your foot at? Is it still laying on the floor?

Nason: It's on the floor. It's in the floor. It's in the floor.

911: Okay. Stay on the line with me. Don't hang up. You doing okay?

Nason: Yeah, I'm doin' all right. I ain't gonna pass out."

Wendal Nason had the frightened urgency in his voice that 911 dispatchers are accustomed to.

Nason: All right, it's starting to hurt. It's starting to hurt.

911: Okay, just calm down, calm down, stay on the line with me.

Nason: Alright.

But as she talked with Nason to keep him conscious, the dispatcher made a chilling discovery.

911: What were you doing?

Nason:Cuttin' it off.

911: Huh?

Nason: Cuttin' it off.

911: No, I'm talking about to the, um, with the Skil saw.

Nason: Cuttin' it off. Cuttin' my leg off.

911: Huh?

Nason:Cuttin' my foot off.

911:You meant to do it?

Nason:Yeah. I meant to do it.

911: Why?

Nason: 'Cause I don't want no legs. I took the left one off.

911: You had already cut the left one off?

Nason: Yeah, in 2000.

The dispatcher struggled to comprehend what she had just heard, and reacted like most anyone would.

911: I was thinking you did it by accident, but you meant to do it.

Nason: Yes ma'am I meant to do it.

911: Why?

Nason: I'm sane. I'm not nuts or nothin' like that I just ain't wanted my legs since I was 14 years old and nobody couldn't tell me why. All I know is, I just didn't want 'em. And I said since I did the left one, I'm going to do the other one, so, I did the other one.

When help arrived, Nason shouted to them to kick down the door.

Nason: Break it in. Break the door down. Break the door down.

As Nason was rushed to a hospital, police arrived. For one officer, it was Deja' Vu.

1st Police Officer: We had another one in the exact same place at 205 Pinson Road and I forgot what lot it was- they did it, too, on purpose.

2nd Police Officer: That's 10-4. I was advised by the neighbor that she did it before.

The neighbors and subsequently police refer to Nason as "she." That's because Wendal Nason is a transvestite who prefers to be called Sandra.

Wendall Nason underwent surgery that afternoon and is recovering.

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