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Man builds unique boats

July 20, 2005

Cook County - They look just like the real thing with a captain inside and lifeboats. They even have their own names. "I named one Ethel after my wife, Jessie was my sister," said Allan Sindt.

But these vessels were built on a slightly smaller scale than your average boat. Each one has been hand crafted by 95-year-old Allan Sindt. "You try to make the boat as light as possible so the motor don't have to work so hard," said Sindt.

With remote control in hand, he guides the ships around the lake at Reed Bingham State Park. It's a hobby he started off the shores of New Jersey more than 40 years ago. "Everybody used to say that a hobby like that costs money, but I'd tell them you're talking to the wrong person because I do everything from scratch," said Sindt.

While most of his friends bought assembly kits for several hundred dollars, Sindt drew up his own plans and was sure to include every little important detail. "I used to build them in the wintertime when you were house-bound anyway," said Sindt. "I can build a boat for less than $100."

But over the years, his hobby's grown a little more expensive. "The motors you used to get for $1.98, that same motor today is over $60.00," said Sindt.

He's built 13 boats, but for health reasons, he's had to slow down some. But for as long as he's able, he'll keep sailing the ships he spent the best years of his life building.


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