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Senior citizens need extra attention in the summer

July 19, 2005

Albany-- Senior citizens should be extra cautious when the temperatures are high. They're at greater risk for heat related illnesses.

The Sowega Council on Aging encourages seniors to go to the mall or the movies where it's cool if their homes are hot. Dress in loose fitting clothes, drink plenty of water and avoid hot, heavy foods. Hold back on salt and avoid alcoholic drinks.

Call a doctor if there are any signs of heat-related illnesses such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat, weakness or heavy breathing. These are signs of hypothermia.

"It's not something you think "It won't affect me". It does affect you. If you're sitting there and you're hot and you don't have adequate cooling in your house, you need to be careful," says Kay Hind of the Sowega Council on Aging.

The elderly should also make sure there's somebody to check on them regularly to ensure their safety.



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