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The temperature is on the rise

July 19, 2005

Albany-- Tuesday was another hot, humid day in South Georgia with heat indexes over 100 degrees.

The summer heat is hammering construction workers. "It's hot. It's real hot," says worker Robert Meisner. The hot weather is leaving them counting down the hours until quitting time. The hot sun makes the time drag. "Slows you down, can't get as much done," says Meisner.

To get them through the day, there's plenty of breaks but the options for relief are limited to a few basics. "About all you can do out here is catch some shade every now and then, go get by the fan and drink lots of water," says Meisner. Those are some basics that can be applied from the construction site to the football field.

Lots of high school football players are hitting the field to get ready for the season. "What we try to do is we try to get them out here to get used to the heat," says Monroe High School Coach Charles Truitt. To get them used to the heat, Monroe High School coach Charles Truitt makes sure players are drinking plenty of water.

"They're losing a lot of sweat out here. You stand out here and sweat and you can imagine running around out here in this type of heat," says Truitt. "Gotta stay hydrated. Gotta eat something everyday before you come out here to stay healthy and in shape," says team linebacker Dale Givens.

No one wants to see a teammate collapse from dehydration so it's a team effort. "Whether it's sharing water or out there on the field, it's all about unity," says Givens.

When it come's to the high temperatures, most summer days are a long battle. "You just have to be careful and watch everything you're doing," says Meisner. Everyone is trying to beat the heat.

Coach Truitt also tells players they should drink plenty of water and eat a good meal before coming to practice. Practices are also a little shorter when it's very hot.



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