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Anhydrous meth makes a comeback

July 19, 2005

Thomasville-- Narcotics agents are concerned the anhydrous-ammonia method of making meth is creeping back into Thomas County.

Curtis McMillon has been arrested for bringing several grams of meth to a house agents were watching. It is the first batch of anhydrous meth agents have seen since mid-winter. Drug Squad commander, Kevin Lee, says that's probably because crop season has come. "The farmers use a lot of it now, and they have nurse tanks in the field. And so I figure that the guys are going to the tanks when they're in the field and taking anhydrous from the tanks and the farmers don't even know it," he says.

McMillion is being held without bond on one count of possession of meth. Lee says cookers generally prefer anhydrous because they can triple the amount of product compared to the red phosphorous method.