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Catfish wars continue

July 19, 2005

Newton - At Wanda Sue's Place in Newton, you can get an ice cold sweet tea served with Catfish every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Owner Wanda Williams says, "Well, we have catfish fillets, whole catfish."

All farm raised in the United States. "I think our fish are the best," says Williams. "We don't need to go venturing somewhere else, I don't think, but that's my opinion."

But a study by Mississippi State University says that basa, a Vietnamese fish, tastes better, and is preferred three to one. "I've never heard of them before. (Would you buy them?) We'll, I don't know. I'd have to try them before I bought 'em," says Perry Sanders, who's looking to stock his pond with Channel cat. He says, "I'd rather have an American product."

Wanda agrees. She says, "We need to stay within U.S." And says, there's no reason to change what she has, when it's doing well. "Everybody likes them real well," says Wanda, "Everybody likes them pretty good." That's a good thing for Wanda Sue's and U.S. catfish farmers.

If you now crave some catfish from Wanda Sue's. She serves them each Thursday through Saturday 5-9:30 PM.


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