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Moody spared from the BRAC list, again

July 19, 2005

Lowndes County - Tuesday, the BRAC commission considered what U.S. Military bases should be added to the realignment and closure list.

Getting a second look from the commission turned out to be a positive reconsideration for Moody Air Force Base. "We have no information to suggest that Moody would be threatened or on any closure list," said Valdosta City Manager Larry Hanson.

Instead the base was considered for more expansion. "There was consideration of moving a Navy Wing from Oceana Virginia Beach to Moody," said Hanson.

The BRAC commission's first recommendation came in May and suggested that Moody expand with A-10 Warthog jets and a new maintenance facility for the air craft. Lowndes County leaders aren't surprised the base was once again brought up for discussion. "This is just another indication of how valuable Moody is, any base that draws the attention to the Air Force as a whole like Moody does would be up for discussion," said Paige Dukes, Military Affairs Committee Member.

And they don't doubt that Moody could be up for discussion again before the final recommendations. "Moody's military value has been well-established in the BRAC readings, its been well defined as a base with a lot of potential and a solid future so we believe there could be several considerations for Moody's expansion in the future," said Hanson.

The base is a huge economic engine with an estimated 3,700 military and 360 civilian jobs. It's impact on the Lowndes County area is about 238 million dollars each year. And with the slated expansion plans, its economic and military value will climb even higher.

If the naval mission is moved from the Naval Air Station in Oceana to Moody, the base would get about 363 million dollars in infrastructure improvements.

The commission's revised list will be sent to President Bush in September, and he and Congress will make final decisions later this fall.


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