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Delinquent businesses paying up

July 19, 2005

Albany - After cracking down on hundreds of Albany businesses that hadn't renewed their business licenses, the City is finally getting checks in the mail. About 700 of the 1,000 delinquent businesses have either paid their renewal fee or closed shop.

In May, city commissioners were shocked to find out so many businesses were operating illegally. The city staff sent letters to those delinquent businesses and added a late fee. It worked, with most of the business paying the fee.

Commissioners now are considering bringing back a Marshall's office to handle fees and crack down on violators. "I think it's the general consensus that we need to do that. We need to do that because there are a lot of revenues and fees that aren't being collected. Certainly before we approach the tax payers about giving us more money, we need to collect the money that's owed to us," said Mayor Willie Adams.

326 Albany businesses still haven't paid their 2005 license fee.


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