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State holds transportation hearings

July 19, 2005

Albany-- Over the next three years, the state of Georgia should have more than three billion dollars to spend on Transportation Improvement Programs.

Now state officials are going to malls, asking your opinions on those proposed highways, bridges, and public transportation projects listed in a statewide plan, to see how you want your community's transportation future shaped.

Martha McDowell was one of the first people to talk with Georgia Department of Transportation workers at the Albany Mall. She wants to know about plans for Gillionville Road west of Albany. "I'm in the next leg to come along to be repaired, widened. I just wanted to know about it."

McDowell's home is right across Gillionville Road from where the new Northwest Elementary School will be built, next door to the YMCA Sports Park, and one quarter mile from a fast growing church.

She knows all those mean big increases in traffic on her road. "When I was working, I had to wait in line to get out of my driveway." McDowell came to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Presentation at the Albany Mall Tuesday. Transportation and Regional Development officials were there to get input about the state's future.

Georgia Department of Transportation Planning Engineer Shane Pridgen said, "We take the comments that people suggest and actually respond to all our comments."

McDowell was encouraged by projects planned for Gillionville Road. "They said in 2006 they thought the county would start buying the right of ways. Then after that they would go to work."

She hopes that will keep it easy for her to pull out of her driveway, as the traffic in front of her home skyrockets.

Thursday they will be at the Valdosta Mall from 10 AM to 7 PM. And then next Tuesday at the Tifton Mall, to get your opinions on Georgia's transportation future.


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