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Flood victims try to recover

July 18, 2005

Moultrie - More than 50 houses in Colquitt County received some flood damage, and they'll be cleaning up for quite a while.  We visited with one person who lost nearly everything and talked to him about just what happened when the waters began to rise.

Greg Gibbs is still reeling from the damage and destruction that water caused when it came rushing through his home.  "It's devastating," he says.  "The first initial step is 'save what you can', and when the numb wears off it's overwhelming."

Around 10 O'clock last Monday night water began creeping into his living room. "She smelled the wires and hollered at me," says Gibbs.   When he got to the room, it was threatening the next level of the home. "(So then what did you do?) I immediately went and tried to cut the power off and discovered that it was just as deep out back."

Once the power was cut, he rescued his dog from drowning and, in the pitch black, made his way back to the house to make sure his family was okay.  "(So how did you get out of here?) We swam," says Gibbs.  "It was roughly this deep [chest high] outside of this room."

The house, which was now surrounded by a moat, was left at the mercy of the water.  He says, "We pretty much lost everything out of this room: furniture, TV's, you name it it was down here.  We lost all the vehicles, everyone of them was in four and a half feet water."

The worst part?  "(What kind of insurance did you have?) None," says Gibbs.  But that's something he's definitely considering for the future.

Greg Gibbs is still trying to determine what is salvageable among his things, but says it will take quite a while to recover financially. Parts of the home have been cleaned well enough to allow the Gibbs family to live inside while cleaning up.

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