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Albany hotels see new surge of business

July 17, 2005

Albany- Business is booming for Albany hotels, because visitor traffic is on the increase in the city. Hotel managers say they have seen a recent surge of business in the last three to four months.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's most of the hotels along Dawson Road are seeing a 95 percent occupancy rate. Managers say, this is good for the city and good for local businesses.

"It's pretty good. Last weekend we had the evacuees, this weekend we have the reunions, next weekend we will also have reunions. The town is pretty busy, all the hotels are pretty busy in town," said Jaye Lomax, Sleep Inn, Director of Sales.

An e-mail from a Panama City evacuee is encouraging to managers like Jaye.  The e-mail says, the family picked Albany to evacuate to again because they liked the town and because they felt safe. When the family evacuated for Hurricane Dennis, this time, they brought friends.



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