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Local church reaching out to community

July 16, 2005

Albany-- They say it takes a church to raise a community. One south Georgia church is taking that saying and making it a reality by touching one community member at a time.

You might call Kingdom Harvest Ministries a small church with a big vision. That vision includes making an impact in the community. Saturday, with the help of free food, clothes and fellowship they took the steps to fulfill their vision.

With a combination of food and music, Kingdom Harvest Ministries is taking the church to the people. "What we're doing is we're doing outreach to the community," says Pastor Cecil Strawder. "To let them know that we are here for the whole man not just for the spiritual aspect," says Strawder.

It's a complete package for the community. "We're reaching out to meet whatever the needs are," says Strawder. They're filling their needs with tons of free clothing, free barbeque, and games for the kids. "We want to get to know our neighborhood and let them get to know us," says Strawder.

It's a task that begins with opening the doors to let the community know that someone is there even if the doors are small. "We're a small church. We've been in existence now five years and we're trying to get the word out that Jesus is love," says Strawder.

Kingdom Harvest is trying to share that love. The smiles on the faces are priceless. "Not to put a pricetag on it but whatever it takes to reach the soul of man, that's what we're willing to do," says Strawder.

But the ultimate payoff is the sense of togetherness. "If we pull together, we can make a difference in this neighborhood," says Strawder. It's a difference that started with the church reaching out.

Although this is only the first year the church has done the event, Pastor Strawder says that the church reached out to over 100 people Saturday. Kingdom Harvest also hopes to reach even more people by having the event every year.

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