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Juveniles guilty of beating woman, fighting

July 15, 2005

Albany- Willie Lee Dorsey is probably lucky to be moving desks at Albany High School.

She was hard at work Friday with the Dougherty County School System's janitorial service. It's hard to tell that a few months ago gang members severely beat her after she tried to talk to parents about a disagreement between teens.

"They bruised me in my chest," she said. "And they hit me all around in my face. They damaged me a whole lot."

When eight suspects went to juvenile court this week, four boys were found guilty of aggravated assault, three girls were found guilty of fighting and one girl was acquitted. The four juvenile males could face up to five years in the youth detention center. Two of the girls are on house arrest and one is on probation.

Seven adults also charged in the case are awaiting trial in Superior Court.

"I was begging for help. Nobody came out to help me."

Crimes like this one show Albany has a gang problem.

"I would say that these activities have been both the result of their activities and also our efforts to try and curb them, so it's coming more to the forefront," said Greg Edwards, chief assistant district attorney.

City law enforcement officers want gang members to know they will be caught and they will be prosecuted.

"What we'll be striving to do is to get more intelligence on where gang members are congregating, what they're doing, who's involved and try to engage in prevention," Edwards said.

That may be the only way to prevent brutal beatings of innocent people.

"I always remember because the way they did me," Dorsey said.

But she'll keep trying to get past it, working one day at a time.

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