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Fundraiser for Miss Thomasville

July 15, 2005

Thomasville-- Call a new fundraiser for the Miss Thomasville pageant "doing lunch" for education, if you will.

Walking the beat is taking on a whole new meaning in the Rose City. Members of the Miss Thomasville pageant are hitting the streets to deliver meals to raise scholarship money for next year's contestants.

Executive Director Harold Singletary says the donations are guaranteed to go to education. "The girls actually send us a bill from their school where they have paid this money and then we reimburse the school," he says.

Miss Thomasville 2004 says some contestants may not be able to afford college without the scholarships these donations bring in. "Any scholarships you can get really help in the process," says Katie Lumpkin.

That process fills a hunger in donor's stomachs, "I don't like to cook for one thing," says donor Charlotte Hungate;" and a hunger in their hearts. "Any time you help a young person it's about the best thing you can do in life," adds Hungate.

That's a strong show of support from a community that's a cornerstone in Miss Thomasville's foundation. "We're a total volunteer organization. We depend on the community for support," says Singletary.

The Miss Thomasville Pageant will be held on January seventh at the Rose City's municipal auditorium. Recruitment for contestants is in October.


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