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Sales for next season Wildcats begin

July 14, 2005

Albany- It's always a good sign when the money's blowing in.

"We've had a greater response than we budgeted for," said Wildcats owner Mike Storen.

What Storen means, is that more people have actually filled the seats than they expected.

"Coming from Cape Fear, I know that we had a good team and we didn't have a good crowd," said Wildcats team member Chris McKinney. "I mean, the place is packed every weekend."

That's good for players, good for the fans and could be good for ticket sales. The Wildcats kicked off their 2006 season ticket sales at Business After Hours Thursday night.

"There's no question about quote are we going to be here next year," Storen said.

But will the fans be back? So far this season, the average attendance is more than 6,000 people.

"The civic center on Saturday nights has become the place to be," he said.

But they won't put a dollar figure on what fans are bringing in.

"The details on the business side, quite frankly are, who cares?" Storen said.

What the Wildcats care about is that people keep coming.

"They're always here for us," McKinney said referring to the fans. "I think they'll be back next year."

Back to what is becoming South Georgia's hometown team.

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