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Creek residents surprised by water height

July 14, 2005

Lee County- Some people who live along the Kinchafoonee Creek in Lee County were surprised when the creek rose up into their yards and dangerously close to some homes over night.

The creek crested today in Dawson more than two feet higher than predicted.

The waters of Kinchafoonee Creek surround the house Ricky and Christine McConnell rent on Cypress Point Circle in Lee County. They woke up around three and knew they had to get out. "We went ahead and packed up the stuff we didn't have packed yet. We probably got out about 6:30 this morning," said Ricky.

A marker outside their house shows the water rose about two inches in just a few hours today. Now, the McConnells are glad they went ahead and rented a U-Haul Tuesday and started packing up. "People were saying it's not going to get y'all. But hey, it's pretty much got us," said Christine.

Down the street, Brenda Allen decided to drive-out her RV Wednesday night. Thursday, it would've been under water. "You never can tell what the water is going to do. It's hard to stay calm about it because it a very quick thing when you've got to pack it up and get out of here," said Brenda.

In March, Allen's RV flooded, and she lost almost everything. Now, she's thinking of moving. "I would love to find somewhere else to put my RV up and not worry about this."

Worrying isn't something Ida Chambers is tired of doing too. She's owned nine lots and several rental homes on Cypress Point since the 1960's. She spent more than $100,000 to repair the homes after the March flood. "It's not worth it anymore," Chambers said. "I am considering selling out. If we have a flood buy-out by FEMA or something, I do plan to sell-out."

The serene waters of the Kinchafoonee Creek drew in most of people living along the banks, but now whose waters are driving them away, maybe for good.

The Kinchafoonee Creek is now receding in Dawson, but remember it could take a little longer to lower in Lee County.

The Flint River, however, will crest lower than expected. The river is currently at 21.96 feet, about two feet above the flood stage. It's now expected to crest Sunday afternoon at 28.4 feet, lower than first predicted.

Even at that level there could be some flooding in low lying areas, but not nearly as severe as the flooding back in March.


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