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Bobs saying goodbye to Albany

July 13, 2005

Albany- When Zenobia Thurman leaves her job at Bobs Candies everyday, her husband comes in to work the night shift.

But not for long.

"So that's two incomes that are going to be taken away from us," Thurman said.

The tentative plan is to close a business that's been in Albany for almost 90 years. The McCormack family sold Bobs Candies to Minnesota-based Farley's & Sathers in April, but, at the time of the sell, they wouldn't say how much.

Greg McCormack said he didn't know until Wednesday that the plant would be closed. He also said he didn't know the company's intentions when his family sold the plant.

"I mean, we basically dealt with the investment firm that was purchasing on behalf of Farley's & Sathers, so there wasn't any contact at all with the Farley's & Sathers operating group."

Since the purchase of the company, the new owners have come to a major conclusion.

"That we don't need two manufacturing facilities to support the business," said Dennis Nemeth, the company's president, during a phone interview Wednesday evening.

So sweet stripes will roll off lines in Mexico instead of Albany. The reason has been pointed out by McCormack many times.

"The price of sugar in this country is 2 1/2 to three times more than it is in Mexico," he said.

The labor is cheap too. But President Dennis Nemeth says it's also about location.

"The central location of Reynosa for the total U.S. is logistically favorable to us as well," Nemeth said.

"I certainly don't feel guilty or responsible. I do feel bad," McCormack said.

Because he knows how many of these employees have been here for decades and he knows why they stayed.

"It was a nice atmosphere out here, but I made a lot of friends," Thurman said.

Friends who, soon enough, will no longer be her fellow workers.

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