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If April showers bring May flowers--

July 13, 2005

Dougherty County-- With these hot temperatures, mosquito larva can grow into an adult in as little as five days. So now is the time to stop mosquitoes from breeding.

Filling alley ditches, soaking fields, and topping off birdbaths-- standing water is everywhere, left behind from downpours over south Georgia. "We know we have a lot of rain down, and we know that will bring a potential problem," said Environmental Control Director Donell Mathis.

That problem - mosquitos. The pest breeds in standing water and can hatch in an adult in a week. To prevent a mosquito infestation, Dougherty County Environmental Control is spraying and treating pools of standing water with larvacide.

But says homeowners must take responsibility of private property. "We have some much water down in areas that we actually can not get to. So to prevent that, we asked the homeowner to turn over buckets, clean out birds baths, and any standing water that's around the house," Mathis said.

Mosquitoes can breed in something as small as a water filled bottle cap. So leave no water unturned. If you have a large pool of standing water near your home, treat it with larvacide tablets, that will kill the mosquito before they become disease spreading adults.

If the mosquito problem gets bad near your home, call Dougherty County Environmental Control. Workers can come out and spray.

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