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Case of tuberculosis reported

July 13, 2005

Thomasville-- Health Department officials assure the Thomasville School System that a student's case of tuberculosis is a rare occurrence in the area.

Officials are trying to make sure no one else at the school contracted the illness as well. They're stressing that the student did not catch TB at school. He went to the health department on his own accord, where he tested positive for the respiratory disease. Health Department officials then notified Thomasville High School simply because the boy is a student there. They will not comment on his age or name.

School officials say that it's very unlikely any other students or staff members contracted TB. To be on the safe side, they're offering testing at the Thomas County health department next Tuesday and Friday. "Any of the screenings that will be conducted, and follow up screenings, are free, no charge to the students and faculty that are screened. This is a voluntary type of service," says Thomasville Schools spokeswoman Cheryl Hay.

School officials add that testing is not necessary for people who do not receive a notification letter. TB is treatable. The last case in Thomas' area was reported about six months ago in Colquitt County.


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