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MCLB guests depart

July 12, 2005

Dougherty County-- More than 2,400 service members who evacuated the Naval Air Station in Pensacola for Hurricane Dennis, are headed back.

The military men and women left the Albany Marine Base, packing into 40 buses. They evacuated Pensacola NAS Friday to ride out the storm at MCLB.

They stayed in a huge warehouse, slept on cots, and played touch-football during free time.

"Even though we probably could have stayed and be safe where we were this time, the decision to evacuate was definitely the right one," said Marine Capt. Neal Wynn. "We have to plan according to what the worst case might be for the safety of these kids going through school. We've got marines, navy sailors, air force airmen and even a few soldiers, so we have to plan for their safety during the threat of a hurricane."

The Pensacola Naval Air Station sustain little damage in the storm. Last year, Ninety percent of the base's buildings sustain significant damage during Ivan, costing hundreds of millions of dollars.


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