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Colquitt Co. repairs damaged roads

July 12, 2005

Colquitt County - More than a dozen roads were closed because of the high water, and those that remain closed require major work.

After the rains finally stopped falling in Colquitt County, the waters began to rise, all the way up to people's doorsteps. "I've never seen it like that before," says Roads and Bridges worker Dennis Rogers.

But now, most of that water is gone. He says, "By the morning a lot of the water had started receding, (but it was too late?) Oh yeah. It had done it's damage."

Several County roads have major damage. Pieces of Tallokas Road simply washed away. One person, trying to leave this house, got stuck when the driveway collapsed. Old Berlin road also caved in. Rogers says, "We came out here about 2:30 Monday morning and the whole right shoulder had already started disintegrating and as it undermined the asphalt, it started collapsing, we had to close the road."

That's not the only road they had to close. Rogers says, "We had to leave here and go down to Crosby road. It was doing the same thing. Half the road had already collapsed. We had to close it."

Now they're working to close the gaps and essentially put the roads back together, but it will take some time. "Takes us approximately three days to put this back together," says Rogers, "just this one spot."

Most of the major roads should be back up by the end of the week, unless more rain comes, which will only delay repairs.