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Flint rising fast, should crest ten feet above flood stage

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July 12, 2005

Lee County-- The Flint River in Albany and the Kinchafoonee Creek, in Lee County, are already above the flood stage and getting higher. When they crest in the next few days, there will be some flooding.

At least one family on the Kinchafoonee is already packing up. The water is already covering much of the Veteran's Amphitheater in downtown Albany, and the river is expected to rise about eight more feet before Saturday. That will flood some low-lying areas, and the story is the same for the Kinchafoonee Creek from Dawson to Leesburg.

Most people along the Kinchafoonee Creek are watching and waiting to see just how high the water will rise, but not the McConnells. "We're moving our stuff out because of the water rising in the creek," Ricky McConnell said. "If we wait too long and watch too long, it might be too late. I'd rather move it and it not flood than to not move and it does flood."

So, the family rented a U-Haul and started packing up their appliances and furniture this afternoon. "Very nervous,” McConnell said. “We keep marking it, and every hour we come out and check it. It's rising 14 to 16 inches up the bank about every hour and a half."

The Kinchafoonee Creek is expected to crest Wednesday morning at 15.2 feet, that’s two feet above the flood stage, but still four feet lower than the creek crest after those Easter storms.

"The Kinchafoonee and Muckalee don't seem to be a problem," said Dougherty EMA Director Jim Vaught, who says the major concern is the Flint River, which is expected to crest early Saturday morning at 30.5 feet, 10.5 feet above the flood stage.

"If you remember how it was during Easter, this is predicted to be a little bit less than in the height of the river. So if it was in your yard and up against your house but didn't come in, you'll probably not going to get it again this time."

But if the water did reach your home or yard in March, you should plan for that again. In March, water reached the house the McConnell's are now living in.

With those memories fresh on their minds, they're not taking any chances. If the Flint crests at the expected 30.5 feet, some of Front Street and the lowest parts, Third Avenue and Highland, and the Radium Gold Course will flood.

People along Lover's Lane Road will see some flooding too. Tuesday afternoon, representatives from GEMA drove around some of the already flooded areas in Dougherty and Worth Counties to see if we'll qualify for state and federal assistance.

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