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Church remains an island

July 11, 2005

Dougherty County-- There are several homes in the Acree area that have been flooded with water and a church that members have been trying to keep dry all day.

First Baptist Church in Acree on highway 82 has been turned into an island, and even with dozens of people sandbagging, the church is still filled with several inches of water.

Church members say the water started creeping up around the church 9:30 Monday morning and an hour later it was up to the front door. Dozens of volunteers spent the morning sandbagging the doors and public works crews even brought in pumps to move the water away from the building.

Still, the sanctuary was filled with between four to six inches of water. "Flooring at least right now. Other than that maybe some of the drywall in the sancutary itself. It's going to be hard to tell until it quits rising," says Pastor Mark Sickling.

Just across the street from the church, several homes along County Line Road suffered major damage when the structures were flooded with feet of water. Many residents weren't even able to get to their homes.

Paster Sickling says the flood waters appeared to be receeding, but about 3:30PM,  a shower moved through the area and raised the water level again. Now the people here are just hoping the rain forcast for the remainder of the week will pass them by.

Church members told me they believed the water was coming from two directions, the Piney Woods Creek and the nearby Marine Base Canal. That's why they believe it was so hard to prevent the water from creeping into the church.

Dougherty County police say they have not received any reports of injuries as a result of all the flooding.


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