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Colquitt residents flooded out of homes

July 11, 2005

Colquitt County - Opal Bowles' home is an island in a sea of floodwater. "When we first woke up this morning, it was dry, there wasn't any water anywhere," said Bowles.

But in less than three hours, the water rose to her doorstep, leaving her family high and dry. "It really scared me," said Bowles.

About 22 senior citizens live here in the Southern Pines Housing Authority. Most made it out before the water got too high, but some like Opal, had to go by boat. "The Okipilco Creek started rising," said Glenda Hall, Housing Director.

"The water has continued to rise, we're monitoring it, it could drop but from the way its been doing, it could continue to rise," said Russell Moody, EMA Director.

It's the same story all over Colquitt County. Harvey's parking lot is underwater, and it looks like motorists on Plymel Road are driving through a river. "This is the worst I've seen it on this road in 15 years," said Ray Causey.

The rushing water caused this bridge on Crosby Road to collapse, leaving a huge gap in the highway. Emergency crews have been on the clock since Sunday afternoon, scrambling to repair all the damage. "We've got state people in town, we're about to start doing some assessing as soon as we can get thing like this finished and that's what we're trying to come up with," said Moody.

Back at the housing complex, residents are waiting and watching, hoping their homes will be spared. As for Opal, she's looking on the bright side. "I always said I wanted to take a cruise, and well I guess I got one," said Bowles.

But it's a boat ride she hopes she never has to take again.

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