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Dougherty flooding is mostly in the county

July 11, 2005

Dougherty County-- There weren't as many storm-related problem inside the Albany city limits. But, that could change when the Flint River crests, and the county got a good dose of flooding.

A few holding ponds, like the one on West Alberson in northwest Albany, flooded their banks. Water covered several yards, and crews are pumping water out of the pond and into the stormwater drainage system.

Public Works Director Phil Roberson says when the river crests, there could be more localized flooding later this week.

Many areas in Eastern Dougherty County also flooded. A least two feet of water covered the 3700 block of Radial Avenue. That's out Highway 82 East past Cooper Tire. The rising flood waters forced many residents to evacuate their homes. Some say the water began to rise about 8:00 this morning and by 9:00 it had gotten several feet high.

And just on block over several feet of water covered Parr Road. Georgia Crews and her family knew the water was getting high, but didn't discover it had creep into their basement until it was about a foot high.


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