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As rivers rise and rain continues, be careful

July 11, 2005

Cairo-- Hurricane Dennis dumped nearly a half foot of rain on parts of South Georgia. The result has been flash flooding and washed out roads.

A swath of debris marks the destruction Hurricane Dennis left in our region's southwestern counties yesterday. "There was a lot of pretty heavy wind and a lot of heavy rain," said Storm Victim Jimmy Singletary. But for Grady Singletary, "It was ok until the electricity went off and the power went out."

Crews have restored power to Singletary, and about 95% of the other customers in Grady. "They finally got it back on about 3:00 this morning."

The same goes for Thomas, Miller, Seminole, and Decatur Counties. Grady EMA Director, Jim Ellis, says, "We're in the recovery mode. The main concern right now is the roads. There are still some roads that are impassable due to water over them."

The water over one closed road in Grady County is so deep that it reaches about halfway up the street signs. The situation is similar for several roads in neighboring Thomas County. Three roads are closed because of water in Thomas.

But that could change for the worse Tuesday there, as well as in Grady. "The Ochlocknee should crest at the bridge around 1:00PM. Just over the eighteen foot flood stage, and just over the county line," said Ellis. "We will look at closing the lower Cairo road between Thomasville and Cairo."

A precaution to avoid a repeat of two minor car accidents during yesterday's storm. Fortunately, the injuries were also minor, but more than 150 trees fell in those five counties.


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