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Rain washes out Dougherty roads

July 11, 2005

Albany - Just west of Acree near the Albany Marine Base, heavy rain caused flooding that washed out two roads and covered several others. Some of those roads could be closed for days as crews repair them.

A river of water gushed over Gaissert Road in southeastern Dougherty County near the landfill.

Steve Terry said, "We've seen the water up high several times, but never this high." A huge chunk of the road washed away just minutes after Steve Terry's daughter drove across the small bridge on her way to work.

"She said there was water across the bridge, but she knew it was wasn't real deep so she went ahead and drove over it not knowing how bad it could have been." A potential deadly accident avoided. "It's a scary thought seeing this and knowing what could have happened," said Terry.

Crews closed Gaissert Road, and then went to help folks get out of their homes as water rose higher and higher. Public works crews must wait until the water recedes to repair Gaissert Road.

"Once we get to where we can examine the pipe, we'll make a determination," said Public Works Director Larry Cook. "If the pipe is secure, the road can be repaired quickly. But if we have to reset those pipes, it could take awhile."

The next county road to go - Spring Flats. Holly Drive, south of Moultrie Road, is also covered in water and closed to traffic.

"I haven't seen that much water since I've been here. I know in the 1994 flood, we had water in that area, but it wasn't that high," said Cook.

Cook says parts of south Dougherty County received six to eight inches of rain in one day which proved to be too much rain for some roads to handle.

There's also water on parts of Plumcrest Road. Remember, don't drive over water-covered roads. You don't know if the road is secure and how deep the water is.

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