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Roadway collapses Monday morning

July 11, 2005

Dougherty County-- Water is running over several roads in Dougherty County. There is one that no one will be driving over for a while. Floodwaters have washed it out.

Gaissert Road, not far from the Marine Corps Logistics Base, from Fleming Road to Spring Flats Road is closed. A large portion of Gaissert Road was washed away Monday morning.

A river of water is gushing through the roadway, and toward the Dougherty County Landfill. It is completely impassable.

We talked with a man whose daughter passed over the washed out area just a few minutes before it gave way. He's thankful that she avoided what could have been a deadly accident.

Another concern is that water is reaching some homes. Firefighters came out to help at least one family evacuate. We have seen at least one car under water.

All of Spring Flats Road is closed in Dougherty County. Officials are afraid that it too may have a wash out. We've seen Mitchell EMC, BellSouth, and Mediacom crews all with trucks in the area, trying to restore service.

Spring Flats and Gaissert Roads were both scheduled for repairs, but today's event have certainly moved them up the list.


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