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Acree, east Dougherty swamped

Acree Baptist Church Acree Baptist Church
Flooded basement on Parr Road. Flooded basement on Parr Road.

July 11, 2005

Dougherty County-- Several areas in the eastern part of Dougherty County have experienced heavy flooding. Some roads are covered in water, and some homes are flooded.

The First Baptist Church in Acree, just off Highway 82 is surounded by twelve to 18 inches of flood water. Church membes and volunteers were out early in the morning, trying to sandbag the dors so the water couldn't get inside the church.

Public Works crews have arived to try to pump water away from the building, also.

This isn't only one of the areas in Acree that's been hit by flooding. Several other homes have water inside. Along the Radial Subdivision in the 3700 block of Radial Avenue, several feet of water covers the the roadway, threatening some houses.

Several homeowners cannot even get to their homes. They say the water came in about 8:00AM. Homes on Parr Road also have about a foot of water inside. "I didn't know it was down there," said one woman. "We could have got some of the stuf out, but I went down there, and there was already about a foot of water in the basement."

Dougherty Police were on the scene when we there erlier this morning. They say the water is coming from the Piney Wood Creek, which has spilled its banks.


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