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Several areas should be avoided

Now South Georgia is soaked

July 11, 2005

Sylvester-- Overnight flooding in Sylvester forced many residents to leave their homes, and the city is calling for a state of emergency.

When the rain poured in, some residents say they noticed the water levels start to increase from rain at the steps to rain at the door to rain almost or completely covering their houses.

Several people had to be evacuated from their homes, and it took the efforts of police, DNR, firefighters and volunteers to help get people out of their homes.

One homeowner says it caught him off guard. Mr. Wilson was among many people that underwent the heavy flooding. Many people that we spoke with said they did not see it coming, but were appreciative at the quick response of the volunteers who rescued residents from their homes.

Right now the Red Cross is helping out and evacuees are being asked to go to Worth County High School for help.

Colquitt County Emergency Management officials are asking motorists to stay home. Heavy rains have flooded most of the major roadways in Moultrie.

Closed are: 319 South at Murphy, Second Street Southeast, Shade Murphy, Tree Farm Road, Erve Williams Road, Lower Meigs Road, 33 South from Autryville Church to Veterans Parkway, Gene McQueen from 33 to Tallokas, James Buckner from 33 to Old Albany Road, the 300 block of Cook Road, Crosby road from 33 South to Tallokas, and the 500 block of Tallokas Road.

Dougherty County Police has announced that Moultrie Road at County Line Road is closed due to flooding, as is South County Line, from Spring Flats Road to Jenkins Road.

Please proceed with caution. Officials say that unless it's an emergency, you need to stay off the roadways.


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