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Flooding a continuing problem

July 10, 2005

Cairo-- From Thomas and Grady, to Seminole and Decatur, emergency crews are dealing with a variety of other storm damage. Just like emergency workers in Grady County, Roderick Wright is cleaning up downed trees, like the one that Hurricane Dennis laid across his yard.

Fortunately, there was only minor damage. "When it went boom, I thought it went on top of the house, until I stepped outside, it was across the garage,” said storm victim Roderick Wright.

Downed trees are the major problem in Grady, Decatur, Seminole and Thomas Counties. Grady Sheriff Harry Young says the situation is under control though. "We are on top of everything. We've got every available person we've got out helping."

A sure factor in the good fortune that no one has been hurt in Decatur, Seminole and Grady. "No injuries or wrecks so far. We've been very lucky and God's blessed us."

But in Thomas, deputies have had to shut down roads because of flooding. Two people sustained minor injuries in separate wrecks. A sign Wright has taken to... "Stay in the house I guess," he laughs.

A lead emergency workers say everyone should follow. Especially until power crews restore electricity to the handful of people who don't have it in each of those four counties.

Although the brunt of Dennis has passed through those counties, don't second-guess your safety. Officials are warning people to find alternate shelter if there's any question their home's durability.

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