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Hurricane Dennis brings heavy rain, winds to Dougherty Co.

July 10, 2005

Dougherty County- Power lines burst into a shower of sparks at the intersection of U.S. Highway 19 and Antioch Road Sunday afternoon. The line did not break and nearby trees did not catch fire, but the sparks definitely caught the attention of motorists.

"Call in as you see any lines sparking or arcing from the lines, just call somebody so they can go ahead and take care of the problem," says Larry Hall of Georgia Power.

Georgia Power workers say alerting them before a line breaks can prevent outages later. Still, trees and limbs proved to be no match for high wind gusts and sheets of rain, keeping crews like Larry Hall's working overtime on their day off.

"We came in this morning about 7:00. THe trouble didn't actually start until about 2:00 this evening. We've been hard at it every since," says Hall. "Once we got started we were pretty much all over Dougherty County."

It took more than an hour for crews to repair lines on Highway 19 just north of Holly Drive. It knocked out power to several traffic lights in the area and caused nearby businesses to shut their doors until the lights came back on.

"Most of the main problems have been about tree limbs falling on the lines. That's been the major problem we've been having," Hall says.

Dozens of homes and businesses in Putney lost power throughout the afternoon, but even downed trees several yards did not cause any major damage or injuries.


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