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King of the ring

July 9, 2005

Albany-- Unlike most boxers Albert Whitfield doesn't have to announce to the world how good he is. "I just know what I can do. I ain't cocky, I don't brag. I am just quiet before a fight, I don't brag. I'm not a loud person," Whitfield said.

Whitfield lets his boxing speak for itself. And after only a year and a half in the ring, it's speaking volumes. He's already claimed the 2004 Georgia Games title, the 2005 state title and southeast regional title in his weight class.

"He can go a long way if he stays committed and dedicated to the sport. He actually has a good chance of making the U.S. Olympic team," Whitfield's coach Fred Thomas said.

While his 4 and 1 record may not look all that impressive, consider this: Whitfield trains four days a week at Turner Gym where there isn't even a boxing ring.

"It's tough because I can't train on the ropes, it's tough," Whitfield said. "I'm grateful that they let me use their facility but there are certain things that I can't teach because we don't have a ring with the ropes. There are certain moves I can't teach," Thomas said.

But the rising sophomore at Monroe High doesn't seem to let it phase him, then again if it did he wouldn't let anyone know.


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