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Residents baffled by man's bizarre behavior

July 8, 2005

Albany-- Residents on Don Cutler Sr. Drive say they were startled when a man who looked to be in his late 20's to early 30's ran up and down the street knocking on doors.

He said someone was after him. He ran repeatedly up and down the street and was hit by a car. But, he managed to get up and continue running. He then used his head to break a car window while a young woman was still inside. She got scared and jumped out. He then got in and tried to drive away.

"He kept running up the street and running up the street and I came out and I looked and all of a sudden I saw my best friend's car go real fast in reverse and hit the tree," says witness Megan Roquemore.

The man was taken to Phoebe where he was later pronounced dead. The man hasn't been identified yet.   They say it may have been a medical condition that prompted the behavior.



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