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Residents gather supplies

July 8, 2005

Albany--As Hurricane Dennis moves closer to the area, many in South Georgia begin to prepare for the possibility of damage and power outages. Local stores say they are seeing a pick up in items such as flashlights, batteries, and bottled water.

Albany's Tractor Supply Company says they sold the few generators they had left early this morning. One was even purchased by a man who drove up from Perry, Florida.

"Customers are looking for portable units, we had quite a few in stock yesterday and today, but We sold out as of this morning by ten a.m," said Sean Murphy manager of Tractor Supply Company. 

"We called around this morning, we called Waycross, Valdosta and Tallahassee stores. This is the only store that had four, and I'm here at about 1:00 p.m and they're out," said Perry, Florida resident Mike Howard.

Georgia dealers have fewer generators, because so many were shipped to Florida for sale during the Sunshine State's hurricane tax-free holiday in June.



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