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28 test positive for TB infection

July 8, 2005

Moultrie- For the second time this week, Willie Williams Middle School was turned into a site for a mass tuberculosis test.

"Here we go trying to get tested. It will be safer to get tested because my little boy was in the hospital," says Pamela Fuller.

Fuller is just one of 1,500 people public health officials urged to take a TB skin test after a Colquitt Regional Medical Center employee contracted the disease.

"It's kind of scary though for somebody to have the full blown TB," says Janna Eidson. Janna Eidson was a patient at the hospital in March. She says her daughter who is a nurse calmed her fears about being tested.

"She showed me. She said it will just be a little prick under the skin mother and that's all. So maybe it won't be a big deal," Eidson says.

"We were hoping that really the turnout today would be better because Tuesday we only ended up with I think about 325 people, and we were really hoping that today we would have twice that many," says Jody Horne, director of the Colquitt County Health Department.

The 325 who were tested earlier this week also received their results at the school today, 28 came back positive.

"Even those that have positive skin tests does not mean they have TB disease, nor would they possibly ever have TB disease. They would have TB infection. Which means they would have the TB germ then," Horne says.

But those people will be sent to the hospital to get x-rays. Health officials say physicians who specialize in TB will examine the x-rays, and start appropriate treatment. Still, many say they aren't worried about how their tests will come out.

"I think it will be fine now since it's early. I hope it's okay," says Neyrone Campbell.

"I think I'm fine because we stayed in the room until we got ready to leave the hospital, so I know we're fine," says Fuller.

Officials say those who cannot make it to the middle school can still go to their local health department. It will be free as long as they let staff know they may have been exposed in Moultrie.

Testing resumes Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 AM at Willie Williams Middle school and runs until 6 PM. Results will be ready 72-hours after tests are administered.

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