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He's still got it

July 7, 2005

Albany-- Antonio Leroy may not be the biggest or fastest guy on the football field, but with out question he is the most persistent. "Antonio Leroy, he's got a motor. He's good, we're glad to have him because he don't care where he plays he just wants to help out the team," defensive back Elliot Burkes said.

But Leroy almost didn't get a chance to show off that work ethic. He tried out for the Wildcats back in November, but it wasn't until head coach Donnie Davis was hired a few weeks ago that Leroy finally got his shot.

 "I felt like a kid in a candy store because I wanted to go out and give the city something to be proud of, get the fans back out to the stadium and do some things," Leroy said.

And that attitude is beginning to carry over to his teammates. "He comes with so much energy. He comes with so much energy and his winning attitude just kind of spreads over to everybody on the team," Burkes added. "The guys are like, 'Wow, this guy is putting it on the line for us so let's do it for him.' This is something that I felt like we needed and we're going to exploit it," Davis said.

But Antonio Leroy isn't a guy that came out of nowhere. The Albany native is a local legend from his prep and then later college playing days at Albany State, where he starred ten years ago.

"That's a long time. And to come out and play professional football and to put up the numbers and be as competitive and as productive as he is utterly amazing. I have never seen anything or anyone like him," Davis added.

"Go hard or go home. You don't have to do anything to do nothing. Just don't do anything. So if you're going to do something, put forth the best effort. And that's what I've tried to do 'cause you never know who's watching," Leroy said.

And while he's already made the starting lineup in the short time he's been with the team, Leroy says he's more concerned with turning the season around and finishing on a high note.

"I just want to be in the mix. It's not about trying to show anyone up it's about winning. And at the end of the day when we all sit down at the table, how many wins did you have, how many losses did you have? That's what I'm concerned with."

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