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Certain cold meds should be off shelves

July 7, 2005

Albany- If you find certain cold medications on the shelves, the store you're in is breaking the law.

Several stores we checked are complying with the new state law. They must keep medicines with pseudoephedrine as the only active ingredient locked up or behind the pharmacy counter.

You can't buy more than three boxes of cold medicine that contains any pseudoephedrine. The law is to help fight a methamphetamine epidemic. Drug agents may have to get involved in enforcing the law.

"We may do some operations just to make sure everybody's complying with it, not so much to see if anybody's just giving it out, but make sure everybody's in compliance and make sure the right items are behind the counter," said Major Bill Berry, commander of the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit.

Pseudoephedrine is one of the main ingredients needed to make meth.

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