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Darton student in London during attacks

July 7, 2005

London- Man American students spend time in London through study abroad programs.

As a student at Darton College, 20-year-old Mark Mitchell is one of them.

He was riding the subway during the morning rush hour Thursday. When the explosions began, the Albany native had just boarded the Tube.

"About 15 minutes down the track a woman came on the intercom system and announced that a bomb had gone off on a train right behind me," Mitchell said in a phone interview Thursday night.

He may have been on that train. But at the last second, he changed his mind about stopping at a Starbucks.

"Just moments of hesitation on my part would have changed my life forever," he said.

Mitchell's theater professor at Darton, Jack Carroll, panicked when he saw the news. But he quickly got word from another student who had made contact with Mitchell.

"Then I heard from Mark himself and that was the best thing of all because he was able to say he was at King's Cross station," Carroll said.

But Mitchell was lucky enough to be on an earlier train.

"I am just really grateful he's alive," Carroll said.

The students in Mitchell's program have been told their classes will continue, even among the chaos, but he admits he's nervous.

"This wasn't really to the scale that 9-11 was, so it could happen again."

So for now, Mitchell has to trust the London authorities as he watches the city grapple with the tragic events.

"I talked to a few policeman and they were saying that now they understand how we felt on 9-11."

So does one Darton College student who's a long way from the safety of campus.

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