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Deputies investigate double shooting

July 7, 2005

Thomasville-- Investigators haven't sorted out exactly what happened, but they know two women were killed in the Tall Timbers complex just off of Highway 19.

Investigators say they don't want to release a lot of information right now because this case is still unfolding. WALB has learned, though, the victims were the wife and daughter of the homeowner, Frank Martin.

Investigators may not be saying much right now, but the usually quiet neighborhood is buzzing.

Chasity Reese was the first neighbor to find out about a double shooting late Thursday afternoon in Thomasville.  "I got up to leave this afternoon and there were cop cars everywhere, so I came outside.  They just asked me if I heard any gunshots, if I heard anything, if I saw anything unusual, anything strange. I really didn't," she says.

 Reese adds that such violence is out of the ordinary for the Tall Timbers neighborhood.  "That's why I guess I'm in such a shock right now," she says.  Investigators say 911 received a call from Martin around 4:00. "He had come home and found his daughter and wife dead from gunshot wounds," says Thomas County Sheriff's Captain John Richards.

That's all investigators are releasing at this point. They haven't named any suspects, or said who the handgun used belonged to, or if it was found.  "What we're looking at at best, we have a homicide, suicide. And at worst, we could possibly have a double homicide," says Richards.

The crime scene has being processed, and the neighborhood has been canvassed. Investigators say they're taking their time on this case.  "We aren't going to make a rush judgment on this situation until all the facts are in," says Richards.

In the meantime, a neighborhood is left wondering about their safety and well being.  "It doesn't matter where you go, stuff happens anywhere," says Reese.

Mister Martin says he had been banking in Tallahassee and found his wife and daughter's bodies upstairs when he came home. Investigators say there was no sign of forced entry on the townhouse.  They brought Martin to the Sheriff's Office where they conducted a routine gunpowder test on him, but then he was brought home. He says he had nothing to do with it.


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