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Air travelers wary, not grounded

July 7, 2005

Albany--  Southwest Georgia Air travelers say they are concerned by London's terror attacks, but not enough to cancel their flights.

The Albany airport is upgrading security after the Europe bombings, though airports were not included in the terror alert climbing to code- orange. That was for mass transit like buses and subways.

But the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Director said they were being more vigilant because of the attacks in Europe. Airport Director Yvette Aehle said "I can't be specific about those measures, but people will notice at least there is more law enforcement in the area, and that kind of thing."

Thursday's two o-clock flight from Albany to Atlanta was loaded almost to capacity.

Darrell Gray admits seeing the news this morning made him think twice about flying. "Concerned, but not that concerned, correct, yes." Gray said he knew terror attacks could happen here, but he felt security was sufficient to keep him safe. "Could, but you've always got to be ready and vigilant for that."

Security was evident at the Albany airport, as passengers were loading and unloading in front of the terminal, but the terror attacks in London are not holding back Southwest Georgia air travelers.

The Director of Albany's Transit System Bus Service, Calvin Miller, said they would be doing nothing different, despite today's homeland security terror alert upgrade. Miller said they would keep a close eye for problems, but did not feel there was a need for any changes in bus security.


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