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Blood donors still needed

July 7, 2005

Albany - With the need for blood is at its highest, giving is at its lowest. The American Blood Cross is again appealing for blood donors.

A plea for blood last week encouraged a lot people to donate at the donation center on Dawson Road in Albany over the holiday weekend. 36 people gave blood or platelets Wednesday, which is more than normal. But, Thursday giving was slower. Red Cross officials say they need donors with blood types O and B.'

"People just don't take the time to come in and donate because their lives are full with other things. But more people are on the road and more accidents, but less people are donating blood. It's just a cycle that repeats itself every year," said Cecelia Johnson with American Red Cross.

The Red Cross needs 1,200 blood donors every day to meet the needs of patients in Georgia.


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