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Traveling alternative while fuel costs are high

July 6, 2005

Albany- At Matt's Motorbikes in downtown Albany, owner Matt Divine takes two wheels and adds one small motor.

"I have a passion for two-wheeled motorized vehicles," Divine said. "This is an aluminum-framed 26-inch bicycle with a gasoline-powered auxiliary motor."

Just like any bike, you can peddle with two feet.

"Or it can be operated solely by the motor," he said.

That turns the bike into one fuel-saving, fun machine.

"That gets well over 200 miles per gallon. It's durable, reliable and very economical."

In different gears, riders can take on trails or cruise the sidewalks. But it's the highway gear that will take you up to 35 miles per hour.

"It provides the optimum fuel mileage and your top speed."

Top speed at bottom dollar fuel prices.

"I'd have to get a calculator and probably get into a lot of zeroes to figure out the difference you'd be saving."

Saving money by traveling on two-wheels. To Matt, that's a divine way to keep your dollars in your pocket.

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