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Flip-flops for Freedom

July 6, 2005

Albany - Two Albany sisters are making sure children in Iraq have shoes. Kellen and Caitlyn Cooper are collecting flip-flops to send to Iraq. They've already gotten hundreds of flip-flops and hope to send 1,000 pairs this summer.

Their step-father took some of the shoes with him earlier this week. He's on his third overseas deployment with the Marine Corps.

"It's not just about the flip-flops, it's about reaching out and showing the Iraqi children there are Americans that care about them, young people who care about them. I think that's so important," said Kellen Cooper.

"We started going door-to-door and handing out flyers," added Caitlyn. "By the next day, we had about 50 pairs of flip flops. Then we went on a trip and when we got back, our mailbox was about to tip over because people had stuffed all the flip-flops in the mailbox. We've really been surprised."

Kellen is Miss Georgia National Teenager, and she hopes to use her title to grow the flip-flops charity. You can donate flip-flops at any Albany Heritage Bank branch or visit flipflopsforfreedom@msn.com.

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