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Farmers brace for heavy rains

July 5, 2005

Dougherty County - Crops that already rest in standing water, are overshadowed by dark clouds, and showered once again with midday rain. Extension Agent Dr. Lenny Wells says, "The main problem as far as the rain goes this time of year with crops, especially pecans, peanuts, even soybeans now, is the disease."

Diseases that thrive in hot, humid conditions. Wells says, "The most recent rains, the problems they've caused, is the farmers can't get out into the fields and do what they need to be doing." Such as applying fungicides. That means peanuts are more at risk to leaf spot and white mold, pecans to pecan scab and soybeans, to Asian Rust, which first made an appearance in Georgia in Seminole County last year.

"There's a good chance with the storms coming in that the disease will be dispersed through the area," says Wells.

But all farmers can do is wait for the rains to come, and hope for the best. Dr. Wells says there fortunately haven't been many crops completely wiped out because of the excess rainfall.


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