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Searching for Leah

July 5, 2005

Lowndes County - Investigators have been combing Wild Adventures since Saturday night, looking for any sign for 17-year-old Leah Deltedesco. "We're looking in every nook and cranny, even the places where there shouldn't be guests, just in case she went out of the main areas and may have been injured," said Sgt. Wanda Edwards.

Leah and her family went to the park for a concert Saturday night, but when it was time to leave, there was no sign of the teenager. She's been missing for three days now, and her mother Denett is worried sick. "I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't do anything until I find my child and she's back home safe," said Deltedesco.

Leah lives in New Port Richey Florida, but was spending the summer with her grandparents in Douglas. Her mother says there weren't any family problems, and she can't imagine her daughter running away. "This is totally out of her character, we've never had any problems, and I just know someone took her, she wouldn't just go off without telling anyone," said Deltedesco.

Security video shows Leah going into the park around 7:30 Saturday night, but investigators can't find any video of her leaving. "But we don't know if she bought a t-shirt when she was in there and may have changed clothes, or if she was in the middle of a huge group we may not have been able to pick her out," said Edwards.

Leah is five foot five with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, and was wearing black pants and a black tank top. Even though her mother fears she's been kidnapped, she's confident she'll find her. "If I don't stay confident, I can't help her. I can't do what I need to do to get her back and I'm her mother, I have to get here back, there's nobody else that do it but me," said Deltedesco.

She begs anyone who may have seen Leah to call the police, and help bring her daughter back home safely.

Leah's family has set up a web site with information about her disappearance.


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