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Famous animal activist visits South Georgia

July 4, 2005

Valdosta - He's one of TV's best known animal activist, and to his fans, he's the king of the jungle. "He's on Animal Planet, and he catches animals, and I love animals," said Mackenzie Wiggins.

"Its really cool to meet a real life actor," said Joy Myers.

Hundreds of eager fans stood in line for more than two hours at Wild Adventures for a chance to meet Jeff Corwin. "This tells me we're doing something right, and people are connecting to what we do," said Corwin.

Some posed for pictures, others brought cards and even gifts. But Corwin doesn't use all this attention for his own glory, he wants his fame to bring attention to the endangered species and ecosystems his show focuses on. "We have a huge issue, not only in this country but also globally, when it comes to protecting our natural resources, whether it be for sustainable exploration or to cherish and recreate in, we're failing to secure them for the next generation," said Corwin.

Visits like this also help him reach out to kids, and teach them simple ways to protect the environment for their futures. "He wrestles alligators and puts them where they're supposed to be, like boa constrictors and really big snakes, he puts them in a habitat where they won't die," said Myers.

And even though his autograph is priceless to these fans, he wants them to know he's just a regular guy who had a big dream. "I focused and was able to make it come true," said Corwin.

And he hopes they'll follow his fame and pursue their dreams too.

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