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South Georgia gas prices among the cheapest

July 2, 2005

Tifton- It's the third time in the last 24 hours that trucks have filled the tanks at the Raceway station in Tifton. Despite climbing prices, travelers are still hitting the gas. "Hey, it's the Fourth of July, we're going anyway," said Ken Murtagh of Atlanta, GA.

"We saw it on the highway and that's the best price," said Pascal Paquette of Orlando, Florida. Some of the lowest prices appear to be right here in South Georgia. The average price around $2.05. Signs in Tifton drove travelers right off the highway and up to station pumps.

"Yeah, $2.02, $2.03, around here. Everywhere else it's like $2.19, $2.20," said Royce Johnson of Tampa, Florida.

"But I think the further North we get the cheaper its going to get. I hope it does," said Robert Holstin of Nashville, GA.

That may not be the case. Motorists from the Midwest say, it doesn't get any better than right here.

"That's the best price I've seen so far. I've seen it as high as $2.29, up to $2.32, this is the cheapest by far, that's why we stopped here," said Paquette.

"Definitely cheaper gas here in Georgia before you hit the Florida line and we needed gas," said Murtagh.

While it's good news that this might be the cheapest gas in the nation, motorists say it still hurts when they finally have to pay up.

"Twenty bucks use to fill up my car, now it takes 40, it makes a big, big, big difference," said Paquette.

According to Triple A, the lowest state average price for a gallon of gas is in South Carolina where's the price is around $2.07. Just eleven states have an average price lower than Georgia's average which is around $2.14.

According to the survey, the states with the top three highest prices are, Hawaii, California, and Nevada.


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