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Law enforcers target speeders

July 1, 2005

Turner County- Weeks of record gas prices are not effecting the number of Americans hitting the roads.

"My car get pretty good gas mileage, so I don't worry about it, and of course it's already planned, so I'm going," says Brenda Reeder.

Reeder shopped around at home in Nashville, Tennessee before heading south. She says prices at the pump weren't going to ruin her vacation.

"I paid $1.96 at Wal-mart before I left, and I'm still on the same tank," says Reeder.

A record 34 million people will be hitting the roads for the fourth, that's more than Thanksgiving. So, law enforcers are urging motorists to be extra careful on busy roads.

"Pay attention. Try to be careful with the cell phones. If you've got a problem with your directions, stop to read the map. Pull into a rest area and do it. Don't do it riding down the road. Of course make sure everyone's buckled in, especially the kids. Make sure they are well restrained in their car seats," says Deputy Scott Hawkins.

Thirty-four people died on Georgia's roads over the Memorial Day holiday, doubling last years number of fatalities.

"That's one of the worst things about this job is some of the things you have to see, and when you get that call to an accident like that, it just gives you a bad feeling in your stomach," says Hawkins.

So, for fourth of July troopers and deputies will be concentrating on zero tolerance for motorist who chose to break the law.

"Don't drink and drive and watch the speed. Don't just look out for yourself. Watch the other guy," Hawkins says.

Last year 12 people died on Georgia roadways during the fourth of July holiday.


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