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Albany fireworks will be double the fun

June 30, 2005

Albany- The Recreation and Parks department will hope for a lot of Ooohs and Aaaahs when they launch their dual Fourth of July display Monday.

"This is a three inch mortar rack right here. There's actually 63 of those witch will be 630 of these shells," said Dale Henry, Fireworks coordinator.

With the simple flip of a switch, crews will fire twice the number of shells into the sky over Albany this year.

"We have a 12 inch shell which is as big as a basketball, I mean it's unreal," said Henry.

Dale Henry and his trained crew have put together the display for years allowing the city to put together a better show at a cheaper price.

"When it fires, it hits the bottom of the mortar, if it's down in there and it gives it the lift, there's a lift charge in the bottom of this which fires it up," said Henry.

They say the best seat may be in Riverfront Park, you can see the big shells going off behind the Civic Center and the big surprise planned to cascade off the bridge.

"We'll be alternating firing, so everybody in Riverfront park, you're going to be able to see it coming up from behind the Civic Center and off the bridge," said Henry.

This year's show includes a few surprises, but you'll have to come see for yourself. "There's some stuff they haven't seen before. It's going to be something that they remember," said Henry.

The city is expecting about 30,000 people putting a premium on parking. Two parking decks on Jackson and Washington Streets will be open at no cost. The Broad Avenue Bridge will also close before seven Monday morning.

With cuts in next year's budget question still loom on whether this will be the last Albany display. "We're going to make it happen, whether it's sponsorship or whatever, don't worry about it, just come out and enjoy this years," said Kristin Caso, Recreations and Parks Marketing Coordinator.

This year's display will begin between 9:30 and 10:00 Monday night. The Recreation and Parks Department is also asking people to leave the sparklers, bottle rockets, smoke bombs, and other smaller fireworks at home for safety reasons.


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